Beach Tourism Volendam is a village located in the province of North Holland (Netherlands). This fishing village is indeed quite interesting with local traditional ngunan ba. In addition to clean pollution free, this village at the edge of the beach of a Cape that is land that juts out into the sea in the municipality of Edam-Volendam.

As one of the rides at the tour, Volendam very many tourists especially on holidays. Not only foreign tourists who visit this beautiful village, but also the citizens of the Netherlands itself of course loved it.

This tourist area not too far away even close enough for the city of Amsterdam, only takes about 30 minutes from the capital of the land of the windmills.

Originally, this beautiful tourist attractions is just a port for ships fish Parto mi fisherman Netherlands. Because of the natural surroundings have beautiful scenery and exotic enough, then by the Netherlands Government memermaknya in such a way to be a tremendous attraction for travelers coming to the Netherlands.

A row of traditional fishermen homes with clean, neat tertara lorong-lorongnya, kiosk-kiosk and cart car sale will welcome visitors arrive or get off the bus or tourist train vehicles.

Merchandise for sale on the site, ranging from souvenirs, fresh flowers and a variety of flower seeds typical Netherlands such as tulips, clothes and clothing, to food such as cheese, bread, cake, and other small snacks. Cheap ornaments baubles ranging from key chains, ornament ornate refrigerator, cabinets, tables and so on many held at this place.

The natural beauty of the village of Volendam touted renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso who came from Spain that and Piere-Auguste Re noir French spent much of their time in Volendam. Perhaps the beauty of Volendam makes them captivated and its beauty became a source of inpirasi for their valuable works.

One of the very interesting for the visitors in the Volendam costumes are tradi framework Mashallah rakat Volendam. Even today, some women of advanced age living in Volendam ma hell wearing the nal tradisio in everyday life they are, though of course now that remains have been very few who delighted in wearing it.

When you arrive at the village of Volendam that instantly open towards the shore, greeted a number of statues of her jet black shiny high sunlight into one of many people to take a selfie.


On the coast rumble interfere sea breeze feels cold once, so many people prefer to walk in places that direct sunlight shining on the other though is actually the writer of that time has not been entered into the winter.

More in the direction of Volendam, crowds along the way special walkways impassable to pedestrians will pass through a row of shops, vending souvenirs typical of the Netherlands. In between the rows of souvenir shops will be punctuated the culinary food stalls serves a variety of cuisine including typical village of Volendam.

The area is also populated mostly restaurants that always will overwhelm the visitor with a fish-based cuisine mainstay which of course is also available a variety of dishes.

When the author in this place have started to fatigue trace path-a path that is arranged neatly with skirted the coast of the port and the sea with small ships are lined up neatly on the pier. His final managed to also get an empty bench unwind while looking at offshore and cafe – cafe, restaurant and souvenir shop with beautiful architecture that stands over the town seafront. All of that adds a vibrant city famous by fish Herringnya.

Time flies is not noticeably depart one hour has been lunch, author and family not skip lunch time on the bench was open in the middle of a hot sun and wearing a jacket but the chill sea breeze still feels a stab.

Curiously, although the air is cold enough even to make the body chills, merchants ice cream thus continue to serve busy shoppers.

After eating, we went off to find a place to take pictures of ordinary or famous for tourists from Indonesia for a keepsake. Indeed, the place has a lot of similar photos of yours right in se long way tourism Va lendom but this one is mentioned.

With a cost of 20 euros per shoot, it was not until 10 minutes we finished ber change costumes Netherlands. Follow the direction of the cashier and concurrently photograper pela yan, changing again and then wait for about 20 minutes, and the photos are ready.

If can’t wait for just out shopping for a variety of souvenirs to souvenirs. Relatively inexpensive souvenirs here, according to the size of the bag Mashallah rakat Netherlands but feels once expensive for tourists including Asian writers.


Touted tourists coming from Indonesia, almost never misses a chance to stop by one of the photo studio to capture the excursions to Volendam. Take pictures at this place is said to be evidence of ever visiting the Volendam. Here the traditional fishermen wear costumes pengunjng Netherlands colored bright red, cemented black pants or skirts and clog (wooden shoes).

If take pictures together in group, family or friends seper streets, with fielding the photographers to organize all to take pictures in the setting of a fishing family perti se Volendam a bygone era which is also fond of music while the meme gang tools like accordions, bucket, basket of flowers, and so on. The photographers that woman with the deft styling and dressing very quickly.

In the storefront studio, many famous people photos Indonesia ever to Volendam.

One of these photo studio apparently has been around since ancient times, so people can see a display of famous people from Indonesia to ever take pictures in places that, like Bung Hatta, Wahid, Megawati, Rima Melati and others. The me maker put the photos in the display case and on the walls of the studio.

In Volendam, the museum has also become a tourist rides for tu ris. A lot of that can be seen in this place, of course everything relating to the history of the village of Volendam.

In addition to witnessing the uniqueness of traditional fishermen houses Netherlands, traveled the coast with enough water is also providing bus nangkan. Not least also a tourist coming to Volendam me nyem that gains themselves to factory manufacture the wooden shoe (clog) and his cheese-making factory, the food sold in the Netherlands.

Indeed many people mention that the town Volendam in the Netherlands it places mandatory inclusion in the agenda of the tour. The fishing area in the territory of the town of Edam Volendam is situated in the northern territory but only about 20 KM from Amsterdam.

To reach this place including very easily by making use of public transport of the country Netherlands though without the help of an organizer of the tour. The city can be reached easily independently if departing from the Centre/Centrum Amsterdam Central station.

From the upper floors of the station Centrum Amsterdam, there is available a bus service – bus menujuberbagai direction outside of Amsterdam, including towards the Volendam, the bus should be taken is a bus numbered 316. Bus tickets can be obtained directly from the bus driver.